Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK: a British network of practitioners engaged in workplace chaplaincy mission

WorkPlace People Magazine: News, Views, Comment and Information

Christian Enquiry Agency: For those trying to find out more about the Christian faith

Methodist Chaplaincies: A suite of resources, training and information for all types of Chaplaincy

Work Rest Pray: a blog and prayers connecting faith and daily work.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity : helping Christians to engage biblically with work and life issues

ICF – Faith on Monday: Supporting Christian groups in workplaces to share the Gospel and transform their workplace.

God at Work: Ken Costa’s guide to living life ‘purposefully’

Faith in Business: seeks to affirm the role of business in God’s purposes and explore the application of Christian faith and values in business.

Agape Work Life Movement: Support to follow Jesus and make disciples in the workplace.

Retail Chaplains Network: for anyone involved in offering Faith Based Chaplaincy services to those working in the Retail Sector

Sports Chaplaincy UK: a network of chaplains providing spiritual and pastoral care to professional and amateur sport

Waterways Chaplaincy: offering support to those who use and live on the UK waterways and canals.

Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy

Basingstoke Town Chaplaincy

Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy

Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy